8 thoughts on “We Are Off To Holland For the Holiday – See You Soon”

  1. Have a wonderful time, Tycho.

    And say hello to Peter Bijvelds for us.
    Is he still trying to sell Landwind products, after the poor hospitality that the X6 SUV received, at the hands of ADAC? I wish him well, whatever he is doing.

  2. We are still missing you. Any “Chinese” news from China in Holland? Any cars we can buy in Europe? 🙂

  3. Can we buy the Land Wing copy of Range Rover or the Zitoye copy of Porsche Macan? I know I would love to show them both of in Norway. :))

  4. hey tycho, please let us know some news about the xpeng xiaopeng. Gotta love that little electric suv!

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