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Luxeed S9 fastback SUV from Huawei and Chery spotted in China

Luxeed S9 is the second vehicle from Chery and Huawei. It aims to rival the Tesla Model Y in China. S9 will start sales in Q2 2024.

Chery’s iCar 03 hardcore SUV with solar panels and CATL battery opens blind order, price starts at 19,400 USD

iCar is a Chery new energy vehicle brand aimed at young people aged 25-35 who are pursuing new careers.

Chery Fengyun T6 plug-in hybrid SUV with BYD’s FinDreams battery debuted at Guangzhou Auto Show

Equipped with battery packs from BYD's FinDreams Battery, Fengyun T6 is one of the 11 new energy vehicles under the Fengyun series to be launched within the next two years.

Chery Exeed Sterra ES all-electric sedan with 905 km range pre-sale starts at 34,400 USD in China

Five cruising ranges are available in 570 km, 605 km, 650 km, 720 km, and 905 km.

Chery’s Jetour Shanhai L9 SUV launched in China with 1,100 km range, price starts at 23,000 USD

Shanhai L9 is priced at 23,000 USD. Within the next two years, Jetour's Shanhai new energy vehicle series plans to launch 8 new vehicles.

Chery Tiggo 8 Plus Champion Edition enters market, price starts at 17,000 USD

Both 5 and 7-seater layouts are available. Power comes from a 1.6L or 2.0L turbocharged engine.

Chery’s Jetour Shanhai L9 SUV made its debut appearance in China

Shanhai L9 is the plug-in hybrid version of the Jetour X90 Plus SUV.

Chery officially re-launched the Fengyun series, unveiled Fengyun A9 and T11 concept cars

Fengyun was Chery's first sedan in 1999. Now, Chery is rebranding Fengyun as a new energy vehicle series.

Luxeed S7 from Chery and Huawei hit pre-sales in China. Starts at 35,425 USD

The Luxeed S7 is a high-end sedan with 496 hp, up to 800 km of range, air suspension and a starting price of 34,425 USD.

Chery’s Jetour Shanhai L9 plug-in hybrid SUV will launch on November 14

Shanhai is a new hybrid vehicle series under Chery's Jetour brand.
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