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Nio ET5 to be launched in Denmark on April 12, company denied ET5 Touring will be unveiled alongside

It would be the first EU country where ET5 will be launched. First batch of ET5 also arrived in Norway this week.

Nio ET5 station wagon is ready for Europe with 490 hp

The Nio ET5 station wagon is ready for the mass production in China with 490 horses. Let's get to know it better.

Nio ET5 Kombi spotted with roof box in China, heading to Europe

ET5 Kombi is Nio's secret weapon for Europe. Launch in June

Skyworth EV6 (Skywell ET5) Scores Only 1 Star In C-NCAP Crash Test

The Skyworth EV6 (Skywell ET5, Elaris BEO, Imperium SEV) appeared to be a dangerous vehicle, scoring only 1 star in C-NCAP crash test.

Nio ET5 made the 10 Best Cars list in Xuanyuan Award, the Oscars for Chinese automakers

ET5 also won the Special Award for Interior design.

Nio released prices for its European lineup. ET5 starts at 49,900 EUR

Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Holland can now buy Nio cars for the first time. Here is all you need to know about prices in each country.

NIO Delivers 3,050 ET7s, 2,814 ES7s, and 1,030 ET5s In October

The automaker says Covid-19 in some regions of China slowed down its operations.

NIO ET5 Delivery Officially Started In China

On September 30, the first batch of the mass-produced NIO ET5 has been delivered as scheduled in Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hefei,...

2022 NIO Partner Day: ET7 Fails To Hit Delivery Target, ET5 Preparing For Mass Production

On July 30, 2022, Chinese automaker, NIO, hosted the NIO Partner Day. At the event, NIO CEO, William Li explained that the company did...
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