Spy Shots: Jiangling N350 SUV

Jiangling Motor, aka JMC, which means Jiangling Motor Corporation, is working on a new SUV and a pickup truck based on the platform of  X8. De X8 is the car that has to make us all forget the Landwind drama in Europe. If the X8 succeeds, it is for sale in China now, the new car will follow soon. It is codenamed N-350 but that doesn’t sound very cool, X9 might be better and BMW hasn’t got that one yet. The N-350 wears a weird logo on its nose which looks a bit Toyota Reitz-a-like, it is not the JMC logo so maybe they try to fool us men.

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“Govt to exclude JV cars from purchase”

China Daily reports that the government will no longer buy cars made in a joint venture with a foreign automaker. That means no more Audi’s, BMW’s and Benzes. Humble public servants will have to use Geely’s, Chery’s and BYD’s now. The government hopes that the new rules will “boost” the true domestic automakers. It might boost ‘m a bit, the government spent 80 billian yuan on cars in 2008, that is 11.7 billion US dollar.  China Daily talks:

The proportion of home grown brands may make up at least 50 percent of new purchases of government-owned cars, as required by a draft plan on procurement of official cars, Jinan Daily reported Friday.

The plan will also change the guidelines for vehicles to be purchased, basically excluding mostbrands made by joint ventures, the newspaper reported.

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