Huatai B11 to be Listed on December 28

Huatai B11 Hawtai B11

The Huatai (Hawtai is the ‘English’ name) B11 debuted at the Beijing Auto Show in april. It was scheduled to debut in August but didn’t make it. But is look like it will finally happen now, new date is December 28. Price likely to start around 160.000 rmb.

The B11 comes with two engines: a SAIC-sourced 1.8 turbo with 160hp and 215nm, and a Huatai 2.0 turbo diesel for export with 150hp and 310nm. Size: 4943×1852×1511, wheelbase is 2764, weight is 1625kg.

Huatai also has a new English slogan which they introduced at the Guangzhou Auto Show: “Grand Hawtai in Great China”. Catchy.

Guangzhou Auto Show: JAC Sunray Listed & Priced

JAC Sunray full-size van

Jianghuai Automobile Corporation (JAC, aka JAC Motors) makes trucks, commercial vehicles, vans, buses, cars and engines. The Sunray is their newest full-size van, it debuted at the Guangzhou Auto Show. Price starts at 168.000 yuan and ends at 198.000 yuan. Chassis can be used for anything from a minibus to an ambulance. Power comes from a 2.0 4-cilinder diesel.

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Guangzhou Auto Show: SouEast Xiwang C1

SouEast Xiwang C1 minivan

The minivan market in China is dominated by Wuling and Chang’an Automobile. The margins are small but because of the many millions sold it is still very profitable for manufacturers so others want a bigger piece of the pie. This Xiwang C1 is the latest from SouEast, nope I did not forget the ‘th’ in SouEast, they did it themselves.

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Guangzhou Auto Show: Changfeng Liebao CP2

Changfeng Liebao CP2

The Changfeng Liebao CP2, which some say loox like a Volvo S40.., will be listed in March 2011. Size: 4480×1770×1462, wheelbase is 2640. Engines: 1.6 and 1.8. Price will start around 100.000 yuan and that is much cheaper than that Volvo, all similarities stop right there with that. Really. Changfeng is a subsidiary of mighty Guangzhou Auto which does know how to design a car that they can call their own, maybe the next CP2 will be better.

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Guangzhou Auto Show: MG6 Saloon

New MG6 Saloon

The new MG6 Saloon officially launched at the Guangzhou Auto Show, it is based in the Roewe 550 just like the MG6 hatchback. Underpinnings and engines are all the same. The 1.8 turbo got 133hp and 170nm, top speed: 188km/h. Price starts around 140.000 yuan. Great looking machine though the tires seem a bit too small, guess the aftermarket can fix that one…

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Guangzhou Auto Show: the Girls

China Auto Showgirls

Now that most news is covered it is time for the girls from the Guangzhou Auto Show. They always look a little bit more hot, there in deep southern Guangdong, than the girls in Beijing or Shanghai… Best Selected. First pic a beauty with the new Guangzhou Auto Trumpchi.

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Guangzhou Auto Show: Dongfeng-Nissan Qichen

A new brand from the Dongfeng-Nissan joint venture. It is called ‘Qichen’ (Venucia in English) and what you see on pic is their first car. Or actually, their first half-a-car. Indeed, those madmen from Dongfeng-Nissan only brought half of it to the show. The other half was not finished yet, a blue curtain hung trough the middle of the roof. I do not like this. Or you bring a car or you do not. What does this mean for the Qichen-brand? Will al their cars be half baked? Crap, very big crap.

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Guangzhou Auto Show: Greatwall Florid Cross

Greatwall Florid Cross

Greatwall’s Florid Cross-over got a makeover. The facelifted car has an all new front, the old car was barely one year wit us. Guess somebody high up the Greatwall thought the Florid Cross too ugly. Well, it wasn’t that bad but the new car is a bit better indeed. Engines: 1.3 and 1.5 mated to a 5-speed manual, no auto available. Price starts at 63.900 yuan and ends at 67.900.

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Guangzhou Auto Show: BYD G6

BYD G6 sedan

The first BYD that isn’t a blatant copy of another brand’s car. The BYD G6 debuted at the Guangzhou Auto Show, it is the successor of the F6. Engines: 2.0 and 2.4, 5-speed manual or auto. Hybrid? Nope. EV? Nope. Hybrids and EV’s don’t sell, BYD knows that now. Size: 4860×1825×1462, wheelbase is 2745. Price will start around 120.000 yuan, to be listed in the first half of 2011.

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Guangzhou Auto Show: Geely-Emgrand EX7

Geely Emgrand EX7

Geely brought the new Emgrand EX7 suv to the Guangzhou Auto Show, it will be listed early 2012, price will start around 110.000 yuan. The EX7 comes with 1.8 and 2.0 engines, mated to 5-speed manual or 4-speed auto, 4×2 or 4×4. The EX7 will compete with such cars as the Toyora RAV4 and the Honda CR-V.

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