Greatwall Wingle CL full size Truck from China

The Greawall Wingle CL is a massive full size truck ready for cowboyland. Greatwall has loads of experience in the business, the company makes small and medium sized trucks for a many years. This CL, meaning China Leading, is Greatwall’s biggest truck so far.

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Shanghai Auto Show: Dongfeng-Yulong Luxgen7 SUV

Luxgen is a brand from the Taiwanese Yulong Group. The new Luxgen7 SUV is made in Taiwan by Yulong and is made in China as well by the Dongfeng-Yulong joint venture.

In Chinese Luxgen is translated as Nazhijie. 7 is translated as Da7, meaning Big 7. Together: Nazhijie Da 7. But the car has the L-shaped Luxgen-logo’s and L7, from Luxgen7, written on the back. Bit messy it is.

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Shanghai Auto Show: Huatai B21

Huatai brought the production version of the B21 sedan to the Shanghai Auto Show, it will hit the market before the end of the year. To celebrate Huatai also had this mad B21 sportsmachine on its booth, a B21 with loads of extra plastic, skirts and spoilers. It is a concept but Huatai might offer a similar kit as an option.

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Shanghai Auto Show: the Girls

Now that we are almost done with the cars it is time for the most beautiful Chinese girls from the Shanghai Auto Show. There were millions of them, everywhere. Unfortunately I can’t show ‘m all so here is just a small selection. First girl is from Guangzhou Auto.

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Shanghai Auto Show: Chang’an goes Gandini with the Clover

This is the Chang’an Clover, a small full electric concept sedan. The rear wheel arch is an exact copy of Gandini’s most famous idea, visible on Lamborghini’s, Masarati’s and the Cizeta Moroder. Did Chang’an think we wouldn’t see? Anyway, Gandini’s brilliance is sure still strong after all those years because even on this Clover it loox extremely well.

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Shanghai Auto Show: Haima C2 SUV Concept

A very nice looker from Haima from the tropical island province Hainan. All that sunshine one day had to result in a decent design and this seems the first one. The C2 is a concept but not too much, it will hit the showroom sometime in late 2012 or early 2013.

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Shanghai Auto Show: Peugeot SXC Concept

The Peugeot SXC Concept is designed in China by a Chinese design team. No word yet on production but Peugeot does indeed not have an SUV on sale in China. The Mitsubishi Outlander based 5008 might make it to the Chinese market as an import. The SXC is so far just a a design exercise and that it does fine.

Drivetrain: Hybrid4, four wheel drive. Engines: 1.6 patrol with 218hp and 280nm, plus two electric engines with together another 95hp. Size: 4870x2035x1610. Wheels are 22 inch.

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Shanghai Auto Show: a Lifan 320 with Spoilers

The Lifan 320 is from now on available with a CVT. Lifan brought a very sport 320 to the Shanghai Auto Show to celebrate. It has spoilers, skirts and more spoilers an skirts, all in a different color than the rest of the car. New foglights and racing stripes. Nice combo but it very much need bigger wheels. The Lifan 320 is powered by a 1.3 with 88hp and 88nm. The sportset will be sold as an option. Price of the standard CVT car starts around 35.000 yuan.

Shanghai Auto Show: Huanghai Landscape V3 Listed & Priced

This is the new the Landscape V3 SUV from small automaker Huanghai, translated as ‘Yellow Sea’. The Landscape V3 debuted at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show as a concept and is now, almost one year later, finally listed. Price starts at 105.800 yuan and ends at 119.800 yuan.

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