Beijing Auto Show Live: Haima Travel RV

Haima brought a small caravan to the show which they called ‘Travel RV’, rv meaning ‘recreational vehicle’. Haima used to be a joint venture between Hainan Automobile and Mazda. When tje Japanese went out Hainan Automobile continued to use the Haima name. They changed the logo a bit and rolled out mostly Mazda-inspired cars ’cause Haima also kept the factory and production lines. Lately Haima’s designs are moving away from Mazda and this funny Travel RV is one new. It will be on sale but nobody on the boot knew when.

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Haima Does the QQ with new ‘Prince’

Chery copied the Spark for the QQ and Haima copies the QQ for the Prince (Chinese: 王子, Wangzi). Well, that’s only fair. The pictures come straight from the Haima factory on the always sunny island of Hainan. It loox like some dealer-presentation but in these days noting is secret anymore.

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New Car: Haima Goes Wild with M2 Csport

HaiMa comes from Hainan (Automotive) – Mazda, a Chinese Japanese joint venture that made Mazda’s for the Chinese market. Mazda left, Hainan kept the name and went for it alone. Most their cars are based on old Mazda’s from the joint-venture days but slowly slowly Haima is getting away from there. This is one of the escapees, an M2-based sportsmodel.

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