Year Of The Dog – Holiday Notice

Year Of The Dog - Holiday Notice

Hello Readers,

we are on a short holiday for the Chinese New Year. The Year of the Dog will officially start on Friday. The whole country is on the move to celebrate and eat and get drunk on baijiu. There won’t be much auto news in any way so we are safe. We will be back in full force next Monday.

Greetings from Beijing, and a Happy Chinese New Year.


New Website About The Old And Great:

Hello Readers,

we have launched a new website: The site is about the history of cars in China, telling about Chinese cars, joint venture cars, and rare imported cars. Our timeline starts in 1925, when the very first vehicles were assembled in China, and ends in 2009, when China became the largest vehicle market in the world.

The main historians are: Sam Faulkner, Navigator84, and me, but we hope to welcome more writers in the future. If you have anything to share, old photos, books, or brochures, please let us know.

All the articles on the are new, but I will copy-paste the entire history-category of this website to new one, eventually. For now, please enjoy our latest about the Jiefang CA5020XJH and the Buick GL8.

Car on the photo is an early Hongqi CA72 prototype, I am working on an article about it, to be published very soon.

What Benefits Will You Get Choosing a Chinese Car?

Nowadays a modern man can’t imagine his life without having a vehicle. Cars have deeply embedded in our lives.  Even at college students need to write essays on cars! If you are one of them, here Essay Writing Help Service more information can be found.

About ten or fifteen years ago motorists did not even want to consider buying Chinese cars. After all, their design was not attractive enough and the quality of the assembly and materials was not the best one. But now the Chinese automobile industry produces cars that are not inferior in quality and service to representatives of European manufacturers.

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We Are Off To Jinan For Some Very Strong LSEV Dope

We Are Off To Jinan For Some Very Strong LSEV Dope

Hello Readers,

We will be off to the great city of Jinan in Shandong Province for the 2017 edition of the Shandong EV Expo, the largest low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) show in China and in the world. We went there in 2015 and it was great fun. We will have a good look at the latest vehicles, the ripoffs, the batteries, and the bikinis.

We will also visit a few car markets to check out all the weird cheap-ass cars and pickup trucks that are not on sale in Beijing. We will be back in full force next Monday with reports from the show and from the city.

Greetings and see you soon,


CBU – Weekly News Digest – Week 07 SAMPLE

New Car Launches

Baojun 510

The Baojun 510 is a new small CUV with a striking front end. Price ranges from 54.800 to 69.800 yuan, pitching it against cars like the Beijing Auto Senova X25, the BYD Yuan, and the Haval H1. Engine is a 112hp 1.5 liter petrol. Baojun is a brand under the SAIC-GM-Wuling, a three-way joint venture between Shanghai Automotive Industry Company (SAIC), General Motors (GM), and Wuling Motors. Baojun started as a budged brand but has recently been refocused on young first-time car buyers in second and third-tier cities.

Roewe i6

May say the Roewe i6 is the best looking Chinese sedan ever; and it is certainly a vast improvement over the Roewe 360, its predecessor. Price starts at 89.800 yuan and ends at 143.800 yuan. The i6 competes against sedans such as the Honda Crider, the Peugeot 308, and the Nissan Sylphy. The i6 is powered by a 1.5 liter turbo with 169hp. A 1.0 turbo and a hybrid will be added to the lineup later. The i6 used the same Alibaba-designed infotainment system as the Roewe RX5 SUV. The i6 will also have a twin-sister in the new MG6 which will launch late this year.

Spy Shots

Facelift Citroen C5

Sales of the current Citroen C5 in China started in late 2009 and it received a facelift in 2012. But even after seven years the C5 still has to soldier on; it will receive another facelift that has to keep it fresh for at least two more years. The facelift is extensive and includes a completely new front that brings the C5 in line with other new Citroens. The rear will be updated as well and it will get a new dashboard with a completely new digital instrument panel and a large touch screen. The faclifted C5 will debut on the Shanghai Auto Show in April and launch on the Chinese car market soon thereafter.

Landwind X3

The Landwind X3 is a sporty compact crossover that happily doesn’t look like clone of any other car. It debuted as a semi-concept car on last year’s Guangzhou Auto Show. The production version will debut on this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show. Price will range from around 90.000 to 130.000 yuan. Power will come from a Mitsubishi-sourced 150hp 1.5 liter turbocharged petrol engine. Landwind is also working on a new compact SUV doe named E36, this car is expected to debut on the Shanghai show in April.


Dongfeng Fengshen AX4

During a presentation of their 2017 lineup Dongfeng’s Fengshen brand showed an image of their new AX4 crossover. The AX4 will be positioned between the AX3 and the AX5, it will be aimed at a young audience and compete with cars like the FAW Besturn X40 and the Chery Tiggo 3, and the Brilliance V3. Engine will be a 1.5 petrol with about 120hp. The Fensghen AX4 will debut on the Shanghai Auto Show in April and hit the Chinese car market in September. Price will range from 70.000 to 100.000 yuan.


Happy Year of the Monkey!

Happy Year of the Monkey!

Hello Readers,

the Year of the Monkey starts tomorrow at 00:00 on Sunday night, sending the Goat back to the heavens.

According to the ancient all-meaning wisdom the monkey will bring prosperity and many good, but challenges are abound, as the good old tree mouse ain’t the easiest of animals to have around. So live with care.

The monkey is special to me because her coming means I have been a full animal circle in China. I arrived here in mid 2003 and 2004 was my first Monkey year. Too long, far too long!, but there is still so much to do. Any other Monkey memories..?

For our little website the Monkey hopefully brings more beautiful cars, more readers, and a bit of gold. She surely brings busy with the Beijing Auto Show that starts in early April. In any way, many more stories to come…

The entire next week is a national holiday in China and there won’t be much news. We take a break too with jiaozi and baijiu, but we might post spots and other wuzzy stuff.

See you all in the Monkey year.