Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Arrives at the Beijing Auto Show

The Beijing Auto Show 2010 starts this Friday so the Supercars move in. Today saw the arrival of a very red, China will like, Mercedes Benz SLS AMG carried by a red FAW truck. Nice combo it is, FAW (First Auto Works) is most famous by it’s joint ventures with Audi and Volkswagen.

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Official: Mercedes Benz E 300L

Mercedes released two pictures of the new Beijing-Benz E 300L, a special long wheelbase E made in China for China, wheelbase grew by 14 centimetre to compete with the Audi A6L, BMW 530L and Volvo S80L. Engines: 3.0 V6 and the 1.8 four. The 300L will debut on the second pressday of the Beijing Auto Show, that is Saturday April 24.

Beijing Auto Show Preview: Brilliance electric Concept

Brilliance will unveil a electric concept car at the Beijing Auto Show. Brilliance released 3 pictures of the thing today but not the name, which is a bit stupid. On the other hand, it is great fun because now I can make up one name. It is green and loox like a pear. Green Pear it is.

The Green Pear is 100% electric and is made of environmental-friendly recyclable materials, such as the chairs that are made of natural fibers, the carpets are made of recycled polyester fibers, the tires are filled with biomass, and the ‘wrapping’ of the roof is made from soyabean fibers.

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Roewe E1 Concept Unveiled in Shanghai

SAIC-Roewe unveiled the E1 Concept in Shanghai, and guess what, it is electric. The E1 will be on display at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai but will make it to the Beijing Auto Show as well. Production of the E1, so Roewe sais, will start in 2013. Well about that, we will see.

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Beijing Auto Show Preview: Huatai B21

The sedans are falling out of the sky like a Beijing’s summer rain, that’s a lot of rain around 17:00 after a hot hot day. This is another sedan from Huatai, the B21. That makes 3 sedans from Huatai for the Beijing Auto Show, this B21, the B11 and the C11. Again it is hard to say where this new car will slot in the Huatai-line. All sedans look even big but this B21 loox a bit sportier, maybe that’s the plan… More as we get it.

Beijing Auto Show Preview: Huatai C11

Huatai will bring another blingbling sedan to the Beijing Auto Show. This is the C11 which will stand next to the B11. Both vehicles look about the same size so it’s a bit difficult to see now whether the C11 is either a more expensive or a cheaper alternative to the B11. Lines are a little Chrysler 300C with a different back. More news on the C11 as we get it.

Citroen Metropolis Concept Debuts in Shanghai

Citroen unveiled its latest concept car yesterday in Shanghai, and guess what, it is a hybrid. The new Metropolis will be on display in the French Pavillion at the Shanghai Expo 2010, not sure whether it will appear in the capital for the Beijing Auto Show that starts this Friday.

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SAIC Working on New MG Roadster; Engine up Front

SAIC, parent of Nanjing MG, is working on a successor of the MG TF. It will be a new car on a new platform. Biggest news: the engine will move to the front. And that is, for now, the only news there is. One more little fact we heard: the Roewe 750 will go on sale in the UK from 2013, that’ll be a new one with hybrid power trains available.

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Beijing Auto Show Preview: Greatwall Tengyi C50

This is the new Greatwall Tengyi C50, a very well looking sedan that will slot nicely above the new C30 we saw earlier this week. There is however, not the slightest doubt that Greatwall will find space for a C40. Greatwall went translating again and came up with the English name for Tengyi, 腾翼, it became

Voleex! A new name is born. The C50 will get 1.8 and 2.0 engines and price will start around 140.000 rmb.

Beijing Auto Show Preview: Greatwall Haval SC60

First a correction of an error made by me: when we learned that Greatwall was launching ‘Hover’ as a seperate brand we assumed they would use their normal English translation of 哈弗, Hafu, translated by Greatwall as ‘Hover’.

They didn’t. Instead Greatwall made it ‘Haval’, in Chinese still the same 哈弗, Hafu. The English name ‘Hover’ is now likely to dissapear. Sorry for any confusion. Greatwall-Haval, the name doesn’t sound too well, will bring a bunch of new suv’s to the Beijing Auto Show. This big SC60 is one of them, it comes as a prototype and so far the engine is unknown.