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EXCLUSIVE Tesla in talks with Baidu Apollo, explores robotaxi launch in China, sources say

Tesla and Baidu are partners since 2020 in China.

China EV registrations in W15: Xiaomi 2,400, Nio 2,500, Tesla 6,200, BYD 50,800

The market was mostly up in week 15, with Geely brand being exception.

Xiaomi SU7 road testing revealed the real range, compared with Tesla Model 3 and Nio ET5

Xiaomi SU7 beats the Tesla Model 3 in range and 0-100km/h acceleration.

Nio’s Onvo L60 coupe-SUV leaked in China, to compete with Tesla Model Y

Deliveries to start in fourth quarter, according to William Li.

Nio’s Alps DOM EV claims it’s better than Tesla Model Y

Alps DOM electric SUV from Nio was spotted during road tests. It is the Model Y rival that will enter China shortly.

China EV registrations in W6+7: BYD 30,600, Tesla 8,200, Li Auto 7000, Nio 1,500

The car sales were significantly down due to Chinese New year celebrations.

Radar RD6 4WD pickup to have similar acceleration as Tesla Cybertruck, CEO says

Radar RD6 EV pickup truck from Geely with 4WD will enter the domestic market in Q2 2024.

Tesla China gave away 30 days of EAP, and cold weather packages could be purchased at half price for some Model 3s

Tesla China launched exclusive offers for vehicle owners, including promotional upgrades and benefits on EAP and cold weather functionalities.