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Wuling Air ev Specs Unveiled In China With 300 km Of Range

The Wuling Air ev specs unveiled in China with 300 km of range, a 50-kW electric motor, and loads of tech inside. Let's sort it out.

Wuling Almaz Hybrid Launched In Indonesia, Price Starts At 30,300 USD

The Almaz Hybrid offers four body colors in black, white, silver, and red in the Indonesian market.

Wuling Capgemini Hybrid Platinum Edition Official Images Revealed In China

The Wuling Capgemini Hybrid Platinum Edition offers four big seats!

Wuling Air ev Announced In China Called Clear Sky

The Wuling Air ev will be exported to Egypt and India later this year.

Wuling Sells An EV Truck With A Center Driver’s Seat In China Now

New delivery truck packs 27 hp and goes 115 km on a charge.

Two New Wuling Jiachen MPV Models Launched In China, Price Starts At 10,500 USD

SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW) recently launched two new Wuling Jiachen MPV models in addition to the models launched on June 15 this year. The two new models...

Wuling Mini EV Cabrio Will Cost Up To 14,660 USD In China

The price range of the Wuling Mini EV Cabrio was exposed in China. This cool and small convertible EV will cost up to 102,800 RMB (14,660...

Wuling Xingchi Reservation Opens In China With Only 1.45 USD

This is the Wuling Xingchi, a crossover SUV. The Xingchi is expected to officially launch at the end of September. Users can now place...

Geometry M2 Goes After The Wuling Mini EV Like So Many Others

This is the new Geometry M2, an electric mini for the Chinese car market. Its main target is the extremely successful Wuling Mini EV....