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Wuling Bingo EV sold 18,015 units in May, up 9.9% more than in April.

May is the second full month since the Wuling Bingo EV went on sale, and sales are currently ahead of rival BYD Seagull.

Wuling Mini EV April sales reveal the reason for a massive price cut

Mini EV sold 17,080 units in April in China.

Baojun Yep electric SUV from GM, SAIC and Wuling to start from 11,885 USD in China

The Baojun Yep prices and specs were unveiled before the official launch. It has appeared to be cheaper than we thought.

Wuling slashed Air EV prices down by up to 1,850 USD. Starting at 8,230 USD

Wuling slashed Mini EV series prices in China. It looks like a desperate move from Wuling to keep market positions.

GM-SAIC-Wuling made Baojun Yep’s interior unveiled in China

The Baojun Yep will hit the market in June this year with a price tag about of 14,000 USD. It has 68 hp and 303 km of range.

Wuling Hongguang Mini EV costs 2,850 USD with a battery subscription

Wuling Hongguang Mini EV's price slashed by 1,875 USD in China, thanks to the battery subscription service.

GM-SAIC-Wuling made Baojun Yep will have a pickup truck version

How about a pickup truck the size of Smart Forfour? Please welcome the Baojun Yep.

GM’s rival to BYD Seagull scores in China. Wuling Bingo delivered 16,383 units in April

Wuling Bingo is a 59,800 yuan (8,600 USD) EV made by SGMW - a joint venture between GM, SAIC and Wuling.