BYD Seal

BYD Seal DM-i to hit pre-sales in China in August this year, starting at 25,100 USD

The BYD Seal DM-i will start pre-sales in August this year. Deliveries will also start soon with a starting price of 25,100 USD.

BYD Seal DM-i rolled off the production line in China

The BYD Seal DM-i PHEV sedan rolled off the production line in China with 200 km of electric range. Ready for the market launch.

BYD Seal DM-i interior unveiled in China with 15.6-inch screen and lots of space

The interior of the BYD Seal DM-i (A.K.A Destroyer 07 / Chaser 07) was unveiled in China. This PHEV sedan can run up to 200 km on a single charge.

BYD Destroyer 07 sedan will launch as BYD Seal DM-i, price may start at 23,500 USD

BYD Seal DM-i will be equipped with BYD's DM-i and DM-p hybrid systems, giving it two pure electric cruising ranges of 121 km and 200 km.

Toyota’s first electric sedan, the bZ3, sold 2,342 units in the first month after launching in China

Toyota bZ3 is the first EV jointly developed by Toyota and BYD, produced by FAW-Toyota's Tianjin factory and supplied to the Chinese market.

BYD brings two new models to Europe at the Barcelona Motor Show

The 2023 Barcelona Auto Show opened its doors to auto enthusiasts and industry experts on May 11, and two new BYD models for the...

2023 BYD Seal Launched, Starting at 27,400 USD with 550 km Range

The price of the new BYD Seal has decreased by about 10%, and currently, the monthly sales of the old Seal are about 6,000.

BYD Seal Scores 5 Stars In C-NCAP Crash Test In China

The BYD Seal scored 5 stars in the C-NCAP crash test. Has it got drawbacks? Of course!

BYD Seal Review: The Best BYD Yet, But Not a Model 3 Killer

800V Seal marks a turning point for BYD EVs.