China’s BYD looks to US market to boost profile

BYD S6DM hybrid SUV

DETROIT, Michigan — China’s BYD is looking to the launch of its electric vehicles in the US market as a way to boost its reputation with customers at home, a top executive said at the Detroit auto show.

“It’s more branding – you want to be able to meet the US consumer’s expectations,” Mike Austin, vice president of BYD – or Build Your Dreams – America, said Monday. “If you make it in the US, you make it anywhere. We definitely will sell more vehicles in China if the US brand is strong.” Continue reading “China’s BYD looks to US market to boost profile”

GM planning to build small electric vehicles in China

DETROIT – General Motors is planning to build small battery electric vehicles in China within two years, and to increase overall production in China to meet local demand, executives said on Monday.

The small “city” type battery electric vehicles are expected to be exported at some point, possibly even to the United States, Tim Lee, GM’s chief of international operations said on the sidelines of the Detroit auto show.

“We are probably within a couple of years of being in … production on battery electric vehicles specifically for China,” Lee told reporters. GM, which completed the largest ever IPO last year, is focusing on China and the United States as two critical markets. Continue reading “GM planning to build small electric vehicles in China”

Beijing to build 36,000 EV charging stations

A giant step in the right direction; 36.000 slow charging stations in 2015. That is exactly what is needed to help sales of electric cars. Pricewise it is fine now with all the government subsidies, but where to charge? Beijing will help:

Beijing will build both fast charging and slow charging stations in a bid to promote the use of electric vehicles, according to the Beijing Times. A spokesperson for the Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Zhu Shilong, gave details about the capital’s plans to develop the use of new energy vehicles Tuesday.

During the 12th Five Year Plan (2010-2015), the city plans to build 36,000 slow charging stations,100 fast charging stations, 2 battery recycling stations, and 10 maintenance service stations.

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Spy Shots: FAW-VW eBora

Another one that cannot be charged, anywhere. FAW-VW is working on a full electric Bora, called imaginative the ‘eBora’. The eBora has to electrify the market by 2013. VW clearly hopes there will be some infrastructure for charging by that time. Today there is none, but this being China a lot can happen in two years.

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Electric auto output in China to surpass 1 million by 2020: report

China continues to be overly optimistic about electric cars, even though today sales of electric and hybrids are very very low. China misses the infrastructure for charging on the road. Most Chinese people who live in the cities can’t charge at home either bacause 99% lives in high-rise appartments. But 10 years is a lot, especially in China.

The government however is focussing on subsidies for buyers instead of infrastructure. Those might help a bit but won’t make 1 million. The goal for October 2011 is 150.000, output today isn’t exactly sure but no more than 25.000. From GlobalTimes:

“The nation’s output of electric vehicles is expected to reach 1 million units by 2020, the official Xinhua News Agency said Saturday, citing a senior government official.

Green vehicles are key to the development of China’s auto industry as auto exhaust emissions already account for 70 percent of the country’s air pollution in major Chinese cities, Wan Gang, Minister of Science and Technology, was quoted as saying. Wan did not project the country’s overall vehicle output by 2020.

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Volkswagen Shows 3 new Electric Cars at Shanghai World Expo

Volkswagen brought 3 new all-electric cars to the Shanghai World Expo; the Up! e-motion, the Lavida blue e-motion and the Golf blue e-motion.  The Up! e-motion is a concept, the Lavida blue e-motion will see production in China “soon” and production of the Golf blue e-motion will start in Germany in 2013. First up, the Up!

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China to subsidise hybrid, electric car purchases

Mr. Buffet will be pleased, BYD might finally sell some electric and hybrid vehicles. Geely will rush the zillion electric concepts to the market. Chery and all others will get to work, until very late, every night. The Chinese government offers a 60.000 rmb subsidy on electric cars and a 50.000 rmb subsidy on plug-in hybrids. Toyota’s Prius, made in China by a joint venture with FAW, is no plug-in and is out, but there is also a small 3000 rmb subsidy for fuel-efficient cars.

The subsidies are part of a pilot project to promote cleaner cars. Government will also invest in infrastructure such as facilities to charge ones car. The project runs in five cities:Shanghai, Changchun, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Hefei. Beijing is strangely not on the list, this kind of projects usually include the capital. More details about the plan in this excellent article from Reuters:

“BEIJING/SHANGHAI, June 1 (Reuters) – China said on Tuesday that it would launch a pilot programme in five cities to provide subsidies to buyers of electric and hybrid cars, as the government steps up efforts to cut emissions in the world’s biggest auto market.

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Roewe E1 Concept Unveiled in Shanghai

SAIC-Roewe unveiled the E1 Concept in Shanghai, and guess what, it is electric. The E1 will be on display at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai but will make it to the Beijing Auto Show as well. Production of the E1, so Roewe sais, will start in 2013. Well about that, we will see.

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