China’s EV registrations in Germany in Jan: Smart 1180, BYD 139, Nio 27

The EV subsidies are gone in Germany.

China’s EV registrations in Germany in November: Nio 39, BYD 701, MG 2,577

In 2023 Nio registred 1263 EVs, BYD 4,139 EVs and MG 21,232 EVs in Germany.

China’s EV registrations in Germany in November: MG 1,673, BYD 350, Nio 50

Smart up 50%, MG down 21%, Nio down 82%.

China’s EV registrations in Germany: Smart 819, BYD 196, Nio 80 (September)

Geely's Smart scored the highest growth among all brands in Germany: +137%.

Nio to celebrate first anniversary on the EU market on October 7

Nio entered four EU markets a year ago on October 7, 2022.

China’s auto sales in Germany in August: BYD 2034, GWM 2211, Nio 411

Chinese EVs exploded in August in Germany, Nio being 834% up and BYD 403% up from previous month.

Nio’s CEO, William Li, arrived on a surprise visit to Germany

First, Musk in China, and now William Li in Germany.

Chinese EVs registrations in Germany in April: MG 1,163, Lynk&Co 198, Nio 25

BEV vehicles were +34% up in April in Germany, Tesla was +272% up and registred 2,420 EVs.

Nio registered 122 cars in Germany in March, up 840%

Total of 44,000 pure electric vehicels were sold in Germany in March. Lynk&Co was the winner among Chinese brands with 356% growth YoY