Spotted in China: Škoda Forman LX

Seen on the street not far from my quarters; a Škoda Forman LX. The Forman is a wagon based on the Škoda Favorit, there was a pick-up as well, called Pick-up. The Forman was made in Kvasiny, Czechoslovakia, between 1990 and 1994. The internal name of the Forman was Type 785.

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Patent Applied: Skoda Superb Combi to Come to China

Wagons are becoming more popular in China. VW sells some Passat wagons and Benz some C-class wagons. All imported because the market is still far too small to produce locally. Next up is Skoda with the Superb Combi, imported as well. It will come with the huge 3.6 V6 and the 1.8 turbo. Skoda hopes to sell some to hipsters who don’t want a sedan or an suv. Well, good luck then.