Tesla China

China exported more than 2 million vehicles in first half of 2023, BYD and Chery grew fastest

Tesla China accounted for one-third of China's new energy vehicle exports.

Tesla slashes prices of premium models by 45,000 yuan (6,204 USD) in China

Premium EV market in China poses significant challenges even for Tesla

China became the world’s largest vehicle exporter in Q1 2023, surpassing Japan

By continents, Chinese vehicles are mainly exported to: - Africa: Egypt and South Africa - Asia: Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, and Vietnam - Europe: Russia and the UK - North America: USA, Mexico, and the Caribbean - South America: Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador

Tesla exported nearly half of its China-made vehicles from Giga Shanghai in April

39,956 Model 3 and Y sold domestically and 35,886 exported.

Tesla’s new factory in Shanghai recruits employees, with regular workers earning around 1400 USD per month

Tesla's new battery factory in Shanghai plans to produce 40GWh annually and is currently recruiting employees.

Top-selling cars in Q1 2023 in China – BYD first, Volkswagen second, Tesla tenth

BYD Ranks First in Sales, and Tesla Became the Top 10 Quarterly Rankings in the Chinese Market for the First Time.

Tesla China sold 137,429 EVs in Q1 2023 in China, up 13% from last quarter

42,782 Model 3 and 94,647 Model Y were delivered in China in Q1 2023, achieving Tesla's best quarterly delivery performance.

Tesla sold 88,869 China-made cars in March, 80% sold domestically

It's up 35% YoY and historically the second best result for Shanghai plant. Every second car delivered by Tesla was China-made

BYD, Changan, Chery joins price war in Chinese car market as the bloodbath continues

What do you think, a zero-sum or negative-sum game for this price war?

Tesla Shanghai sold 74,402 EVs in February, up 31% year on year

Tesla's sales volume of pure EV in China continues to maintain the second place.