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Geely MPV Concept Unveiled In Shanghai, China

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Geely has launched an MPV concept on the Shanghai Auto Show in China. It is called the ‘MPV Concept’, a name not very original but certainly easy to remember. The MPV Concept previews an upcoming Geely MPV, which might as well be called ‘Geely MPV’.

Geely MPV Concept

The vehicle sure looks stylish with a sharply raked windshield, a pronounced crease on the side, a shoulder lines that goes over the rear lights, and a ‘floating roof’ D-pillar.

The company has not disclosed a single specification for the Concept MPV. It seems about 4.8 meters long. There are suicide doors and very large wheels.

Geely MPV Concept

The lights are hiding; beautifully done.

The production car is expected to arrive in 2018 or 2019. Price will range from around 120.000 to 160.000 yuan. Most likely engines are the 133hp 1.8 and the 163hp 1.8 turbo, and perhaps a hybrid.

Geely MPV Concept

Lost of shine on the door sill and seat frames!

Simplicity is fast becoming the new trend for interior design in China, and Geely joint the fray. Simple lines, fine materials, and an almost complete lack of buttons.

Geely MPV Concept

The drive selector buttons are located on a glass ‘handle’ sticking out of the center tunnel, which is covered with a smooth dark wood panel. Touch screen stands on top of the stack, it seems to be a 12-incher. Instrument panel is digital.

Geely MPV Concept

Seat design is simple as well, in a very elegant way. Geely says the concept has six seats in a 2/2/2 setup, so bench in the back is apparently too small for three.

Geely MPV Concept

The typical Geely grille with a small logo in the middle. The grille is closed and there are blue lines. This usually points at something PHEV or EV, but again; they haven’t released any information that could confirm that.

Geely MPV Concept

The rear end is clean with the third brake light mounted high atop the window.

Geely MPV Concept

The Geely MPV Concept MPV concept.

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  1. Who is the designer? This is a seldom good looking design, inside and out.

    Geely has plenty of resources now, with Volvo, Lynk, London-taxi’s, etc., so it is interesting to see what the future may bring. Volvo (and perhaps Lynk) could also use a multivan.


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