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CarNewsChina.com is the leading portal for news, analysis, and information about the Chinese auto industry. It was founded in Beijing in April 2010 by Tycho de Feijter and stands stronger than ever today.

CarNewsChina.com reports on the auto industry, the auto market, auto shows, car sales, new cars, new car programs, long-term strategies, new energy vehicles, commercial vehicles, government programs and policies, car culture, automotive history, rare cars potted on the street, and supercars.

CarNewsChina.com is the spiritual successor of the TheTycho.com.

Our Drivers:

Tycho de Feijter. Email. Articles. LinkedIn.

China expert and analyst specialized in Cars and Trucks. Founder of CarNewsChina.com, the largest portal for news and information about the Chinese auto industry. Skilled and obsessive researcher, wise and experienced analyst, creative and tireless writer, and a fanatic collector of Chinese tin toys and battery-powered kitsch. Based in Beijing for over ten years, immersed in Chinese culture through marriage, hobby, and work.

Joey Wang. Email. Articles.

Has been writing about Chinese cars since he was born. Specializes in industry news, loves sales numbers, and understands more than anyone about the workings on the Chinese government concerning cars.

W.E. Ning. Email. Articles.

A true all-rounder. always keeps one eye on the latest cars arriving on the Chinese market. The other eye does everything else. Specialized in ‘foreign’ brands on the Chinese market.

Our Drivers speak and operate as a single entity, almost as a single organism. When one is busy with beer, they all are. When one goes on holiday, they all go. When one is high with Chery, they all fly.


6 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Hi – I like your website! Your research is excellent. I visited the Shanghai Tesla Service Centre at Lianhua Road Minhang District recently. It was open for business and I saw dozens of new unregistered Teslas stored ouside in the car park, waiting for buyers. I can email some pictures to you if you want. Best wishes from Anthony in Sydney Australia.

  2. Just noticed on the very first line of this article you have a typo in your URL, it says CarNewChina.com its missing the (s).

    Great and fun site by the way.

  3. Hello l‘m a bus spotter since 2010 to take a lot
    of photos about old bus in China and l find my picture in your post what about Yanjing minibus.

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