New Huawei-backed Aito M7 Ultra delivers 10,000 cars in 18 days

Huawei's Aito M7 Ultra version delivers 10,000 cars in just 18 days. M7 deliveries for the year already over 100,000.

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Xpeng claims Mona M03 is most aerodynamic mass-produced electric sedan

Xpeng Mona M03 claims to be the world's most aerodynamic mass-produced electric sedan. Car due to unveil today.

North Korean 720 km range Madusan EV is a BYD Han

North Korean video shows an EV called Madusan which is actually a rebadged BYD Han. Little is known about the deal other than the video.

Li Auto inks deal with China’s largest oil company to expand charging network

Good to see oil companies figuring out a way to work with EVs.

Have EU tariffs killed BMW Great Wall Mini producing JV Spotlight Automotive?

Spotlight Automotive might already be dead before it has even ramped up full production. Plans to produce Mini in China in trouble.

Voyah Zhiyin EV with 901 km range to be assembled at Nissan’s plant in China

Dongfeng’s Voyah Zhiyin with 901-km range will be assembled at the Dongfeng Nissan plant in Wuhan. It manufactures the Nissan Ariya.

Second Leapmotor car made in Europe, A12, will come with Lidar

Chinese media claim that the Leapmotor A12 the second model set for European production will come with Lidar

China EV registrations in W24: Xiaomi 2,500, Nio 3,400, Tesla 11,700, BYD 57,200

In week 24 of the year (June 10 - 16), the China EV market had mixed signals. Xiaomi sales increased by 20% compared with the week before, BYD was...

Avatr 07 interior exposed in China and it looks a winner

New pictures show us the best details yet of the interior of the forthcoming Avatr 07 which should launch in the next few months.

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