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Changan Yida Presale to Commence in Late February

The Changan Yida is expected to sell for under $17,000.

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Dongfeng Aeolus Haohan SUV Will Unveil At The Shanghai Auto Show In April

The Haohan will be available with ICE and PHEV power trains

Honda Integra HATCHBACK Is A Sporty Hatchback With A Manual Gearbox

A sporty Japanese sedan with a manual..? China got you!

Chery Jetour Off-road SUV T-1 Winter Testing Official Pics Released In China

Off-road SUVs are becoming increasingly popular among Chinese car makers.

Exeed Yaoguang SUV Pre-Sale Officially Starts In China At 24,800 USD

The car is available in two-wheel and four-wheel drives, with a WLTC fuel consumption of 7.6L/100km and 8.1L/100km, respectively.

Spy Shots: New Hongqi L-Series Sedan

China's famous state limousine gets an update.

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