Deepal S07 SUV with Huawei Qiankun ADS opens reservation

The Deepal S07 has a 0.258Cd drag coefficient.

Best-selling vehicle brands ranking in China, first half of 2024

BYD, Volkswagen, and Chery took the overall top 3 spots.

Mazda EZ-6 gets ready to roll off production line in China on July 17

Mazda EZ-6 developed with Changan begins production on July 17 in both EV and EREV versions. Sales should start soon.

Deepal S07 unveiled amidst big expansion plans for the brand including exports

Deepal has officially unveiled the S07 which is the facelift of the S7 SUV. The biggest difference is new ADS but there are big plans for the brand.

Li Auto Max version owners will receive a major smart driving upgrade this month

Li Auto pushes an OTA this month which opens map free NOA smart intelligent driving across China to all Lidar equipped cars.

Avatr 08 (E16) four-door coupe from Changan, Huawei, and CATL spotted in China

Avatr 08 (E16) coupe from Changan, Huawei, and CATL was seen in China during road tests. It enters the market this year as BEV & EREV.

Avatr 07 electric SUV has a luxury interior with fish screen and zero gravity seats

More pictures give us a complete idea of the Avatr 07 interior. And more details emerge about electric range as car readies for launch.

Seres acquires the Aito name from Huawei, gaining control in a surprise deal

Aito name now belongs to Seres after 344 million USD purchase from Huawei. Partnership with Huawei still unaffected for Aito brand.

Huawei backed Aito uses diecasting to boost M9 production capacity

Aito producer Seres is using Wencan IDRA9800T diecasting machine to produce the Aito M9 helping speed up production times.

Neta S wagon fully exposed as it enters China in August

The Neta S station wagon enters China in August with a starting price of 20,600 USD. Later, it will hit overeas markets.
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