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BYD Denza D9 EV Delivery Will Start In Second Half Of February In China

The pure electric version offers two CLTC cruising range options of 600 km and 620 km.

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SWM Big Tiger EDi EREV SUV Launched In China, Price Starts At 14,700 USD

Pure electric cruising range = 51 km; Comprehensive cruising range under full fuel & full charge = 1,000 km

Changan Yida Presale to Commence in Late February

The Changan Yida is expected to sell for under $17,000.

Geely Panda mini Launched On The Chinese Car Market For $5,880 USD

Electric mini cars are best when pink.

Nio to launch 150 kWh semi-solid state battery in H1 2023, confirms Qin Lihong

It would make ET7 first mass produced EV with 1000km range

Spy Shots: Baojun Kiwi ‘Urban Fun Trendy SUV’ Is Cool And Coming Soon

Tiny SUV gets four-wheel drive and a large dose of cool.

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Let's Talk

History of Chinese automakers

Spy Shots: NIO EC6 NT2 Gets Lidar And More Range

NIO's 544 hp SUV coupe gets an update.

Rising Auto F7 Pre-Sale Starts In China At 41,300 USD With Swappable Batteries And 666km Range

The F7 is available in 600 km & 666 km cruising ranges and battery swap & non-battery-swap options.

2023 Rising Auto R7 Electric SUV With Battery-Swap Launched In China

Rising Auto claims that a single battery replacement only takes 2 and a half minutes!

Dongfeng Aeolus Haohan SUV Will Unveil At The Shanghai Auto Show In April

The Haohan will be available with ICE and PHEV power trains

2023 BYD Qin Plus DM-i Champion Edition Will Launch On February 10 In China With 1310km Range

It offers a comprehensive cruising range of 1310 km and two NEDC cruising ranges of 55 km and 120 km.

BAW Jiabao Electric Mini Car Launched In China, Price Starts At 6,900 USD

The car offers two CLTC cruising ranges: 122 km and 172 km. Fast charging is not supported. It takes 7 hours to fully charge.

Rising Auto F7 Is A 544 HP Electric Sedan In China

Five meters of car with 544 hp and 700 Nm.

Spy Shots: WEY MPV Is Getting Ready For The Chinese Car Market

An MPV for Great Wall's luxury SUV brand.

Xpeng Launches G9 SUV and Refreshed P7 in Europe

Xpeng enthusiasts in Norway, Denmark, Sweden,. and the Netherlands can now begin to place their orders for both vehicles.

Official Pics: Zeekr X Is A Wild Electric Hatchback For China

Zeekr goes wild with the X - comes to Europe.

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