Dongfeng Aeolus L7 enters market starting at 17,800 USD

The L7 is Dongfeng Aeolus's first plug-in hybrid SUV, available in 1,400 km and 1,500 km comprehensive ranges.

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Changan cars become Volga in Russia – China helps resurrect Russian brand

Volga unveils three new cars in Russia. All three are based on Changan cars, details of deal unknown but production imminent.

GAC Aion brand now exporting – reaches Tajikistan and Nepal

GAC Aion now selling overseas with launch in Tajikistan and Nepal. Plans call for sales in 10 countries by the end of the year.

New BYD MPV spied in China – possibly named Zhou

New BYD MPV spied undergoing testing in China. The new car is possibly names Zhou and is believed to be a 7-seater.

JAC produces 300,000th pickup truck – exports to 132 countries

JAC produces 300,000th pickup truck and currently sells to 132 countries. 2023 saw strong increase in sales.

Voyah Free 318 claims longest all-electric range for PHEV

Voyah Free 318 claims to have the longest all-electric range for a hybrid SUV. Pre-sales of the Dongfeng car being May 30.

Dongfeng-Honda Lingxi L electric sedan will have 520 km range

After 2027, Dongfeng-Honda targets to no longer launch new gasoline-powered vehicles.

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BAIC launches 2nd gen BJ30 with hybrid version

Second generation BAIC Beijing BJ30 launches. Only available as ICE and hybrid. Car offers limited off-road ability.

Export bound Geely Galaxy E5 has 530 km range

The Geely Galaxy E5 will have up to 530 km range. Most aerodynamic car in its class and has been designed with exports in mind.

Nio CEO William Li on the move this week: inks battery swap deal and plans European live stream

Battery swap deals are at the top of this CEOs to-do list.
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Chery Fulwin T9 enters market at 17,900 USD in China

The Fulwin T9 offers a 120 km CLTC pure electric range and more than 1,400 official WLTC comprehensive range.

BYD bus with 532 kWh battery may be next London red bus

BYD front runner to supply new electric double decker bus to London. New BD11 bus launched today and hopes to win.

Test Drive | BYD Seagull is not only affordable but fun to drive

The BYD Seagull is Dr Who's Tardis on wheels: not only is it small on the outside but big in the inside, it is also loaded with tech.
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XPeng sales to get big Q4 boost by new sedans and exports

Another new sedan due this year from XPeng as He Xiaopeng talks about the company's plans going forward and boosting sales.

Xiaomi SU7 life cycle is not just 200,000 kilometers

Xiaomi Auto talks about testing of the SU7 and says that the lifespan of a car is more than 200,000 kilometers.

Geely-baked LEVC L380 opened pre-orders in China for 280 USD

The LEVC L380 started pre-sales in China for 280 USD. It has up to 400 kW and 785 km range. To launch in the UK in two years.
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Li Auto electric SUV launch postponed as company shifts its strategy

The launch of Li Auto electric SUV was postponed until the second half of 2025. This delay is caused by the shift in the company’s strategy.

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