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Geely-Mercedes venture launched Smart #3 EV in China. Starts at 29,700 USD, 555 km range

Smart #3 is coming to Europe in 2024. Top trim level have acceleration 0-100km/h in 3.6 seconds.

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Wuling Bingo EV sold 18,015 units in May, up 9.9% more than in April.

May is the second full month since the Wuling Bingo EV went on sale, and sales are currently ahead of rival BYD Seagull.

BYD Seagull sells 14,300 units in the first month after delivery

BYD Seagull was released at the end of April, and mass delivery began in May, with sales of 14,300 units. Its main competitor, the Wuling Bingo, sold 16,383 units in the first month (April) after its release.

BYD sold 240,220 EVs and PHEVs in May, breaking historical records

Among them, pure electric vehicles, including 119,603 pure electric vehicles. BYD sold 10,203 vehicles outside China.

Nio delivered 6,155 vehicles in May, down 7.5% from previous month

Nio delivered 6,155 EVs in May: 12.37% down YoY and 7.55% down MoM.

Geely Galaxy L7 launched in China with 390 hp and a starting price of 19,500 USD

Geely Galaxy L7 launched in China for 19,500 USD. It will rival the BYD Song Pro DM-i.

Nio delivery estimate for May: ~6200 vehicles

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History of Chinese automakers

Hozon’s Neta manufactured the 300,000th vehicle. It took 16 months to produce 200,000

Neta Motors manufactured the 300,000th vehicle, accelerating on the Chinese market. What is the Neta's secret?

New BYD Yuan Pro launched, starting at 13,400 USD (95,800 RMB)

Yuan Pro EV is a small five-seat electric SUV launched by BYD with a length of 4375mm and a wheelbase of 2535mm.

Changan Deepal S7 hits the production line in China. Tesla Model Y competitor

The Deepal S7 from Changan, Huawei and CATL has hit the production line in China. To launch tomorrow.

BYD’s Denza N7 to launch in June with vehicle-to-vehicle charging and Huawei’s HarmonyOS support

Deliveries will start later in July. Mercedes controls 10% share in Denza.

Great Wall considers Germany, Hungary, and Czechia as locations for its first European plant

GWM plans to sell 6000 units of ORA Funky Cat in Germany in 2023.

BYD collaborates with Spanish bus manufacturer Castrosua to launch customized pure electric buses

The customized bus, with a length of over 12 meters, can carry over 90 passengers with a range of more than 450 km.

LIVE UPDATES Elon Musk in China: US and China are inseparable like Siamese twins

Musk will visit Giga Shanghai a potentially meet with Chinese Premier Li Qiang

Blue Bird, the largest taxi operator in Indonesia: Most EVs will be purchased from BYD this year

The company may purchase 500 EVs this year. About 80% of the EVs will be BYD, including BYD E6 and BYD T3.

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