Greatwall Jiayu goes Cross

Published on May 28, 2010 by Tycho de Feijter

The Greatwall Jiayu is a very sensible MPV with a normal 2.0 for around 100.000 rmb. But that ain’t good enough in China today, so the Jiuyu doesn’t sell very well. I haven’t seen a single one here in Beijing, the Jiayu hit la market in ’08 so something is indeed wrong. Greatwall thinks it got the solution: a Jiayu Cross.

Extra plastic, extra plastic, a rear spoiler but strangely no roofrails. Still, it is likely a good idea. From many a car the cross-version sells best, Chinese love’m because of the image: ourdoorish, rough and cool. That is exactly what’s missing in a China life full of stress in a small appartment with one crying baby and a million miles of traffic jam under a polluted sky every day. A Cross can cheer all up.

The pictures are renderings but the machine is confirmed, it will arrive before the end of this year, Greatwall is in a hurry, it wants to make people happy. And now, finally, the best news I heard on this Cross-thing: 4×4 will be an option…

The standard Jiayu.

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