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New Turbocharged Engines for Greatwall Motor

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Greatwall Motors is quickly expanding its line up, from SUV’s to sedan to small hatchbacks to pick up trucks. All these vehicles need power and so Greatwall developed a whole new range of relatively small turbocharged engines. On the first pic a 1.0 turbo four-cylinder with 76kw and 148nm.

1.3 turbo four-cylinder with direct injection and 110kw and 220nm.

1.5 turbo four-cylinder with 110kw and 210nm. Less than the 1.3 which has direct injection. 1.5 will problably be cheaper.

2.0 turbo four-cylinder with 160kw and 324nm.

2.0 four-cylinder diesel with a two-stage turbo, good for 140kw and 450nm. Greatwall is also working on a six-cylinder diesel.

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