Spy Shots: Landwind E32 SUV for the Chinese car market

Spy Shots: Jiangling N330 SUV for the Chinese car market

Jiangling Motor Corporation (JMC) is working on a new mid-size SUV code named Landwind E32, it will be launched on the Chinese car market in late 2014. Landwind is a brand-name of JMC.


Chinese media said the Landwind E32 will be launched in 2014. Chinese media also said the E32 base engine will be the 180hp 2.0 turbo that is currently used in the Landwind X5.


The images are from a computer-test program, but the overall design is visible enough, looking a tad too much like a four-door Range Rover Evoque. Another clone being born..?


One thought on “Spy Shots: Landwind E32 SUV for the Chinese car market”

  1. ” one under the Jiangling brand and one under the Landwind brand.” yeah because if one thing China doesn’t have enough of it’s car brands!

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