Beijing Auto EX Concept debuts on the Shanghai Auto Show in China

Beijing Auto EX Concept debuts on the Shanghai Auto Show in China

The Beijing Auto EX Concept has been unveiled on the Shanghai Auto Show in China. The EX Concept is a funky all-electric mini city car for funky people, featuring a boxy design with a black grille, wide wheel arches, sporty alloys, and… racing stripes!


The Beijing Auto EX Concept is ‘powered’ by an electric motor with an output of 95hp and 145nm, good for a 160 kilometer per hour top speed. Range is 150 kilometer, which is perfectly enough for use inside the city. It is a small car: 2880/1560/1450, wheelbase is 1850. The production version is scheduled for launch on the Chinese car market in 2016.


Would do nicely as a convertible too. Reverse light is located above the rear window. Racing stripe goes all the way over the edge of the roof to the edge of the window. Good; details matter.


The Beijing Auto logo is digital, will light up blue (blue = green) when the car starts.

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tazzari EV gets another shot?

marco loglio

A balant copy of the Tazzari zero, that has been around in Europe since several years already. It’s quite incredible that a colossal company like Beijing Auto has to stolen the design of a small brand to create a new city car EV.. Shame on Beijing Auto !!!!


Marco this is not a copy, this is a Tazzari BAIC EV prototype, We have built a joint venture to produce this car for China Market in 2016.
Best Regards
Erik Tazzari


Tazzari Copy Chinesse in the street