New sedan from BAIC and Huawei to sell for half a million yuan

Stelato S9 an electric sedan from BAIC and Huawei to sell for half a million yuan

Foxy mover! Arcfox Alpha S5 coming soon

Arcfox Alpha S5 electric sedan should launch soon as more details emerge.

Want a pig nosed EV camper van?

BAW EV camper van from China with a pig nose has 90 kW electric motor and raisable tent.

BAIC launched additional Arcfox Alpha S & Alpha T variants

Forest Edition Pro models added to BAIC's Arcfox αS & Arcfox αT

Huawei & BAIC baked Stelato X4 spotted. 42,250-USD sedan for China

Stelato X4 is a mid-size electric sedan developed jointly by Huawei and BAIC. It will enter the Chinese market in Q1 2024.

Huawei-BAIC’s STELATO brand will release an all-electric sedan in 2024

The new car will be unveiled in the first half of 2024 in the 42,000 - 56,000 USD price range.

BAIC’s ArcFox Alpha T5 all-electric SUV with CATL battery and 660 km range launched, price starts at 21,800 USD

All models come in two-wheel drive with two cruising ranges of 520 km or 660 km, and a drag coefficient of 0.245Cd.

Xiaomi SU7 EV sedan spotted in China. Interior exposed

Xiaomi SU7 electric sedan was spotted in China with LiDAR on the rood, an active spoiler and 664 hp. To enter the market in Q1 2024.

Xiaomi’s first EV revealed in China, to be called Xiaomi SU7

It will be contract manufactued by BAIC. and comes with face recognition unlocking feature.