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China Exported More Than 3 Million Vehicles In 2022, 54.4% YoY Increase

China is now the world's second-largest car exporter.

Xiaomi Modena Design Drawings Leaked Online In China. BAIC Is Supplier

The Xiaomi Modena's design drawings leaked, revealing Xiaomi's ties with BAIC.

The ArcFox Kaola Is A “smart parent-child car for middle-class parents with infants”

Need a car with an excretion mode? ArcFox got you covered.

BAIC Beijing BJ90 Launched In China And It Still Is The Mercedes GL Clone

How about the Mercedes-Benz GL clone from China? The Beijing BJ90 is here, again. Let's sort it out a little bit.

BAIC Ruixiang Hoen O₂ Is A Small Chinese Electric MPV

Hoen O₂ brings new oxygen to the Chinese EV market.

BAIC BJ60 Launched In China With 4WD, 267 HP And Starting Price Of 33,500 USD

The Baich BJ60 was launched in China with 267 horses, part-time 4WD, three locks, and a starting price of 33,500 USD.

Beijing BJ40 Kekexili Edition Off-Road Vehicle Announced In China

Kekexili or Hoh Xil in English, is a region in China located in the northeastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, which is the largest and highest plateau in the world.

Beijing Mofang Compact SUV Pre-sale Starts At 15,300 USD

BAIC‘s Beijing brand is expected to officially launch a new compact SUV, the Mofang, on July 28. The pre-sale already started on June 24...

Beijing Mofang To Launch In June 2022, Price Starts At 16,900 USD

BAIC's Beijing brand is expected to launch a new SUV, the Mofang, in June this year with a price range of 110,000 to 150,000...

600 hydrogen buses from BAIC’s Foton will serve the Beijing Winter Olympics

The Beijing Winter Olympic Games will open in Beijing on February 4, 2022. During the event, 655 hydrogen-powered buses will be used in Zhangjiakou...