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Wuling Bingo EV City Car To Launch In March 2023 – BYD Seagull Rival

Is the Wuling Bingo good enough to rival the upcoming BYD Seagull? Let's find out together.

Polestar 4 Is Real In China – Tesla Model Y Competitor

The Polestar 4 was spied in China for the first time. Its test production can begin before March 2023.

All New Hongqi HS5 SUV Exterior And Interior Unveiled In Official Images In China

The Hongqi HS5 official shots unveiled in China. This SUV will hit the market in Q1 2023.

Changan Zhuge High-End Electric Brand To Comprise Three Vehicles

Zhuge is another EV brand under Changan. Its vehicles will hit the market by 2025 with advanced autonomous driving functions.

Lotus Envya Type 133 Spied In China With Cameras Instead Of Mirrors

The Lotus Envya undergoes road tests with cameras instead of rearview mirrors and "brake" inscription on the rear windscreen. To debut in H2 2023.

Geely Teases New All Electric Sedan And Series. To Launch In 2023

Geely to launch the new electric sedan. It will become the first vehicle in a brand's fresh model line.

Xiaomi Modena Design Drawings Leaked Online In China. BAIC Is Supplier

The Xiaomi Modena's design drawings leaked, revealing Xiaomi's ties with BAIC.

Hongqi E202 Official Image Exposed In China

This vehicle's each wheel will be able to turn 90 degrees! Welcome the Hongqi E202.

New HiPhi EV Spied In China. “A technical luxury but less expensive”

A new HiPhi EV was spotted in China. To become a cheaper vehicle with lots of tech. To hit China in 2023 and Europe in 2024-2025.

BYD Seagull EV Spied In China In Cute Pink Color. Price Starts At 8,860 USD

The BYD Seagull spied in the wild in cute pink color. To hit the market in April 2023 with a starting price below 9,000 USD.