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BYD’s YangWang U9 dancing supercar revealed new specs before the launch

YangWang U9 uncovered more specs and detail about electric motors, thermal management system, and chassis. To launch on February 25.

BYD Tang DM-i gets exterior of its high-performance sibling

BYD Tang DM-i gets an exterior styling similar to the Tang DM-p variant that costs 10,000 USD more.

Nio ET9 spotted during road tests in China as it gets closer to launch

Nio ET9 is a full-size 4-seat EV with almost 700 hp, 120 kWh battry, and a price tag of 110,000 USD. It will enter China in 2025.

Wuling Bingo price sliced by 10% to accelerate sales in China

Wuling Bingo price dipped in China to enhance its sales volume domestically.

SEA-based Lynk & Co 02 BEV for Europe spotted in China

The Lynk & Co 02 BEV will enter Europe in 2024 as a fastback crossover based on the SEA2 platform that underpins Smart #1 and Zeekr X.

New Zeekr 001 revealed with 95-kWh LFP battery for 722 km range

The facelifted Zeekr 001 has two battery variants, 580-kW peak power, and up to 750 km range. To launch in China shortly.

Volvo EM90 rolls off production line in China as rebadged Zeekr 009

The Volvo EM90 is a Zeekr 009 rebadge that will start deliveries in March this year. It is available exclusively in China.

Lynk & Co 07 EM-P PHEV sedan exposed with 102 km of electric range

Lynk & Co 07 EM-P is a sedan the size of Toyota Camry from Geely and Volvo. It will start mass-production in China this month.

BYD Qin L exposed in China as it applied for sales license

BYD Qin L is a 4.8-meter PHEV sedan with 90 km of electric range and a 5-gen DM-i powertrain. It will enter the market shortly.

BYD’s YangWang U7 revealed 800-km range with 135.5 kWh battery

The YangWang U7 is a luxury sedan from BYD. It will start sales in China this year with a price tag of 140K USD.