Sunday China Drive | BYD Seal 06 DM-i PHEV has a 2,100 km range with quality to match

Let's go for a Sunday drive on the new BYD Seal 06 DM-i PHEV, which has a 2,100 km range!

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GAC Aion Y Plus all-electric SUV enters Indonesia at 25,200 USD

Two trims of the Aion Y Plus were launched in Indonesia: Exclusive and Premium, with 410 km and 490 km range, respectively.

2025 Fourth-Gen Geely Emgrade official images revealed in China

For reference, the current Fourth-Gen Geely Emgrade starts at 9,600 USD.

BYD Song L DM-i interior exposed in China, expected from 16,500 USD

BYD expends its 5th-gen PHEV system with 2,100 km range into larger model, BYD Song L DM-i

Geely’s Zeekr to launch 7 car by 2026: 4 SUVs, 2 MPVs and 1 wagon

Geely-baked Zeekr’s product planning was exposed. The brand aims to launch 7 vehicles by 2026: 4 crossovers, 2 minivans, and 1 wagon.

Xiaomi’s first SUV spotted road-testing, with Ferrari Purosangue’s proportions

Spy shots have emerged of a new Xiaomi MX11 SUV. It echos the design elements of the Xiaomi SU7 yet resembles the Ferrari Purosangue at the same time.

Kaiyi Kunlun iHD 7-seater plug-in hybrid SUV starts pre-sale at 16,500 USD

The Kaiyi Kunlun iHD adopts CATL's battery, BYD FinDreams' plugin-hybrid system, and Chery's latest flagship chassis.

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New Chinese EVs marketplace with the lowest prices & worldwide shipping.

History of Chinese automakers

In a Tesla-like move: BYD is expanding its insurance business in China

Is BYD following in the foot steps of Tesla?

Chery Fengyun T6 is a rebadged Tansuo 06, enters market at 17,900 USD

The battery is supplied by BYD's FinDreams, providing a 120 km pure electric range and 1,300 km comprehensive range.

New Huawei-backed Aito M7 Ultra delivers 10,000 cars in 18 days

Huawei's Aito M7 Ultra version delivers 10,000 cars in just 18 days. M7 deliveries for the year already over 100,000.
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Xpeng claims Mona M03 is most aerodynamic mass-produced electric sedan

Xpeng Mona M03 claims to be the world's most aerodynamic mass-produced electric sedan. Car due to unveil today.

Second-gen GAC Aion V all-electric SUV interior revealed, will launch in July

The second-gen Aion V has a 750 km range and its battery can be replenished to 370 km with 15 minutes of fast charging on a 400V platform.

North Korean 720 km range Madusan EV is a BYD Han

North Korean video shows an EV called Madusan which is actually a rebadged BYD Han. Little is known about the deal other than the video.
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New Haval H6 officially enters market starting at 16,200 USD in China

Since its launch in August 2011, the Haval H6 has sold more than 4 million vehicles cumulatively. A plug-in hybrid Hi4 variant will also be launched later.

Li Auto inks deal with China’s largest oil company to expand charging network

Good to see oil companies figuring out a way to work with EVs.

Roll up, get your 38.1 merchandise – SAIC responds to EU tariffs with flair

SAIC responds to the EU tariffs with some 38.1 themed logos and now some merchandise based off them. Will a car follow?
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Jaguar Land Rover and Chery will build Freelander-branded EVs on Chinese platforms

Jaguar Land Rover partners with Chery to build Freelander-branded electric cars on Chery’s E0X architecture. To sell EVs in China.

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