Huawei-backed Luxeed R7 SUV spotted in the wild ahead of launch

The second car from the Luxeed brand between Chery and Huawei should launch soon and has been spotted without camouflage.

Is price war over? New BYD Seagull is higher-priced than its predecessor

The new BYD Seagull 2025 (Dolphin Mini) will enter the Chinese market on August 8 with a few upgrades and a higher price

Denza’s flagship SUV the N9 spied again, and the interior is similar to the Z9 GT

New spy shots of the Denza N9 flagship SUV. The new model should launch before the end of the year in EV and PHEV versions.

Zeekr X launched in China’s international hub, Hong Kong, with RHD

Zeekr X's top-trim offers a combined peak motor power of 315 kW with 543 Nm of torque, achieving 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds.

Robotaxis make friends and enemies on the streets of Wuhan

Baidu's Apollo Go wins fans with cheap fares but taxi drivers fear for their jobs. Other road users complain robotaxis can't drive.

Volvo-backed Lynk & Co Z20 exposed as global EV for Europe

The Lynk & Co Z20 EV was spotted during road tests in China. The SEA-based electric SUV will debut in Europe later this year.

Geely’s BYD Atto 3 competitor, Galaxy E5 electric SUV launch announced for August 3rd

Geely Galaxy E5, built on Geely's GEA architecture, is scheduled for launch on August 3rd. Deliveries are expected later this year.

BYD accelerates smart driving technology for the sub-20,700 USD vehicle segment

BYD also targets bringing features such as "refrigerators, televisions, and sofa seats" to the mass market.

BYD Yuan UP Vitality Edition with 401 km range launched, priced at 13,700 USD

The Vitality Edition is powered by a 70 kW/180 Nm electric motor and a 45.12 kWh Blade battery pack.

Chery unveils 2025 Exeed Exlantix ES: pre-sales start July 19

Chery's 2025 Exeed Exlantix ES introduced with an 800V architecture
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