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Spy Shot: Seat Alhambra MPV comes to China

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Another Seat that nobody wants..? Volkswagen is readying the Seat Alhambra for the Chinese car market, it will be launched later this year, likely at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November. Just like all other Seats the Alhambra will be imported, which makes it far too expensive compared to locally-made competition. One wonders, why Volkswagen bothers.

Seat Alhambra MPV comes to China

One wonders, why Volkswagen bothered with the Seat brand at all. The Germans already successfully make the Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen brands in China. Why introduce a weak brand that nobody knows in China for far too much money? The Leon was launched on the market on April 1, yez really and the price was no joke: 243.900 yuan! I haven’t seen a single Leon on the road yet.

What is going on? We did some asking around and heard Volkswagen wants to set up Seat as a sporty brand in China, like Alfa Romeo. Sporty = expensive = more profit for VW. Could all be, but still nobody knows Seat and if sporty, why now a boring MPV? We think this Seat-adventure is fast becoming pretty hopeless…

Pic Alhambra via iFeng.

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  1. SEAT is supposed to be their Alfa Romeo competitor, but I guess it depends how big Alfa is in China to figure out why its their. If not then its to find markets for SEAT to expand. Not too long ago the SEAT brand was on the hot seat for not selling enough vehicles to justify its existence, but so far its been rebounding and i bet they hope that if they introduce SEAT now to China it will grow


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