Spy Shots: Youngman-Lotus L3 GT arrives at the Guangzhou Auto Show

This is the new Youngman-Lotus L3 GT, it will debut tomorrow on the Guangzhou Auto Show. The L3 GT is a sporty version of the existing Youngman-Lotus L3 which is based on the Malaysian Proton Gen 2 Persona. The L3 GT will be launched on the Chinese auto market sometime in the first half of next year.

Standard Youngman-Lotus L3.

The L3 GT is made sportier by a body kit, a trendy sorta matte white color, and speedy seven-spoke alloys. Engine however is unchanged, a 1.6 with 111hp and 148nm, mated to a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic. Youngman uses the Lotus name because Proton also owns British Lotus. Price for the L3 GT will start around 80.000 yuan, the base L3 starts at 70.000 yuan.

One thought on “Spy Shots: Youngman-Lotus L3 GT arrives at the Guangzhou Auto Show”

  1. Proton already launched its newest model to replace Persona. Its very good model on par with its japanes rival. The ‘Preve’ already launced in Thailand, Indonesia and Australia.

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