Second Volvo plant in China approved by autorities

Second Volvo plant in China approved by autorities

The second Volvo plant in China has been approved by Chinese authorities.The plant is located in the city of Daqing in China’s north eastern Heilongjiang Province. The Daqing plant is expected to be completed this year and start production at the beginning of 2014.

The owner of the plant is the Volvo Asia-Pacific Manufacture Corporation, a joint venture between Volvo and its owner Geely.

joint venture in Daqing plans to produce 80,000 vehicles in the first phase, with an investment of about 4.5 billion yuan. In the second phase, it intends to invest 20 billion yuan and reach 300,000 units in production. Daqing has set up a special office to promote the Volvo project.

In April, Volvo’s Chengdu plant was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

Volvo Asia-Pacific has four affiliates, including plants in Chengdu and Daqing, an engine factory in Zhangjiakou and an R&D center in Jiading, Shanghai. Volvo (China) Sales Co is temporarily independent from the joint venture system.

Via: ChinaDaily.

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