Spy shots: BYD G5 testing in China

Spy shots: BYD G5 testing in China

The very first spy shots of the upcoming BYD G5 testing in China. The BYD G5 is a brand new sedan that will be launched on the China car market in September 2014. The BYD G5 will be positioned between the BYD G6 and the BYD Si Rui.


Price will start around 90.000 yuan and end around 120.000 yuan. Power will come from a naturally aspirated 1.5 and from the a 154hp 1.5 turbo that is also used in the G6 and in the Si Rui. The BYD G5 will be styled more aggressively than other BYD’s, aimed at a more sporty kind of driver.


Dials look sporty indeed. Large screen on the center console. Gear lever know looks sporty too, but a bit too beige…


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