Spy shots

BYD Seal 06GT, Europe-bound electric hot hatch, exposed in China

Production version of the Ocean M concept seems to be called Seal 06GT and is spied without camouflage in China.

Denza’s new flagship N9 SUV spied in China ahead of late 2024 launch

Spy shots show the Denza N9 flagship SUV which should launch around the end of the year. Powertrain should be similar to the Z9 GT.

BYD’s Fang Cheng Bao Bao 3 spied testing including interior

More spy shots emerge of the Fang Cheng Bao Bao 3 from BYD. This time we also have pictures of the interior as well.

Avatr 07 interior spied as car readies to launch in China

As the Avatr 07 gets ready to launch in the next few months there are new spy shots of the interior. EV and EREV will launch soon.

Deepal S05 SUV spied testing ahead of Q3 China launch

The Deepal S05 SUV has been spied testing ahead of Q3 launch. We now also have range and battery information.

Reports claim Firefly brand is not compatible with existing Nio swap stations and will launch in China first

News claims that Nio will now launch its third brand codenamed Firefly in China first. Reports also indicate it cannot use Nio's swap stations.

BYD’s Fang Cheng Bao Bao 8 interior spied in China

Spy shots show the interior of the Fang Cheng Bao Bao 8 from BYD which is due to launch in the next few months.

Another new Huawei car spied in China, this time from Luxeed and also called S9

Second car from Huawei brand Luxeed spied ahead of launch. New car is a large SUV probably called S9 and built with Chery.

BYD hides a Yangwang U7 wagon inside a Denza Z9 GT mule

Despite looking like a Denza Z9 GT a car currently being tested by BYD seems to be a development car for a Yangwang U7 wagon.

BYD Seal 07 spied in China, likely to debut soon with Lidar

Spy shots show the new BYD Seal 07 which seems to be an upgraded version of the original Seal EV and will come with Lidar option.
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