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Crash Time China: Rolls-Royce Ghost hits small truck on rural road

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A massive Rolls-Royce Ghost crashed into a small truck on a rural road in the far suburbs of Shanghai. The Roller is painted in shiny gold and the truck in light blue. The truck seems heavily damaged with most of the front bumper and grille gone. The Ghost has the bonnet up but the Flying Lady did not get hurt.


The owner of the Rolls-Royce Ghost wears a black jacket, a purple sweater, and blue jeans. His girlfriend stands on the right side of the photo, making phone calls to people. The driver of the FAW truck stands to the left of the driver, wearing a blue uniform.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost seems to attract misery in China, we saw a lot of them going down: crash, crash, crash, and crash. No matter how small the damage, repairs will be expensive. Price for a new Ghosts starts at 4.19 million yuan or 685.000 USD. The FAW truck will costs about 20.000 USD.

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  1. I wonder who’s at fault. And I just so want to criticize the Rolls driver because he doesn’t necessary fall into what the proper Rolls driver looks like.


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