Spy Shots: MG5 Fastback testing in China

Spy Shots: MG5 Fastback testing in China

The very first spy shots of a new fastback variant of the MG5. The MG5 fastback will debut on the Beijing Auto Show in April and will be launched on the China car market in the second half of next year. It is based on the same platform as the MG5 hatchback and the Roewe 350 sedan. The MG5 fastback will be shaped in similar lines as the sporty MG6 fastback.


MG5 hatchback was launched in March 2012. Price starts at 87.700 yuan and ends at 136.700 yuan. Engines: 109hp 1.5 and a 129hp 1.5 turbo. The MG5 fastback will get the same engines. Price for the fastback will start around 100.000 yuan.


The Roewe 350 sedan was launched in April 2010. Price starts at 89.700 yuan and ends at 128.700 yuan. Lone engine is the 109hp 1.5 but the 1.5 turbo will soon become available in the 350 as well.


The MG6 fastback. Price starts at 124.800 yuan and ends at 192.800 yuan. Engines: 135hp 1.8 and 160hp 1.8 turbo.


Fastback shape clearly visible here.



Interior unchanged over MG5 hatchback.

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mg5 fastback will b d replacement of the mg6 fastback?
i m so confused

Tycho de Feijter

No replacement of the MG6. Photo of the MG6 was added to show the MG fastback style. The MG5 Fastback is an additional model.


Prehaps it’s MG4 Coupé ?
A four/five door coupe to MG5