Yangwang U7 sedan unveiled at 2024 Beijing Auto Show

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Today BYD’s high end brand Yangwang unveiled its new flagship sedan the U7 at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show. BYD claim the Yangwang U7 will have the lowest drag coefficient among globally mass-produced cars with a figure of Cd 0.195.

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At the front the car has a sleek look quite similar to that seen in the Yangwang U9 supercar and that is matched with a four door sedan shape. The U7 however is much bigger measuring in at 5265, 1998, 1517mm (l/w/h), and with a wheelbase of 3160 mm.

It has the same exaggerated C-shaped headlight cluster with an LED strip surrounding it as the U9. Also similar are the rib lines on the hood but the lower grille area is quite different and much flatter. The roof line has a Lidar unit.

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On the side is a clear A shaped indentation which gradually tapers into just lines by the time it gets to the C-pillar. The rear haunches are considerably higher in keeping with the U7’s sporty looks. However, the rear ¾ is probably where the design is at its weakest and looks a bit awkward from this angle by the time it reaches the trunk. The tailgate has a through light just broken by the Yangwang logo. There should be an electrically adjustable spoiler.

As displayed the Yangwang U7 has cameras for side-view mirrors but the car has also been pictured with conventional mirrors and so it could be that the cameras are reserved for higher spec versions. Cameras would certainly help with the claimed low drag coefficient.

The car sits on the same e4 platform at the Yangwang U9 and will feature a new version of the DiSus suspension system DiSus-Z. In it the hydraulic shock absorbers are replaced with electric motors to give a feeling like you are riding on flat ground. BYD claim suspension has now gone from the oil era to the electric era. Adjustments can be made in as little as 10 ms. Furthermore the adjustments allow for energy recovery meaning that they can charge the battery.

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Top speed is said to be 270 km/h and there are four electric motors powering it. The U7 is more powerful than the U9 and each motor has 326 horsepower for a total of 1306 horsepower. Weight is meant to be a very hefty 3.095 tons. Range is 800 km with a 135.5 kWh blade battery.

Yangwang U7 sedans come with a panoramic sunroof and there is an optional electronic rearview mirror. Also the U7 comes with the TianShen intelligent driving solution. In the U7 there are 3 Lidar units 5 millimeter wavelength radars and 13 cameras providing inputs and the computing system has 508 TOPS power.

Sales of the Yangwang U7 are likely to commence in the next few months.

Source: Autohome, Fast Technology

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  1. I like the style of the vehicle? Plus economy sounds great, I normally drive 4×4 so I would be more intrested all wheel drive?
    I certainly will buy one if you develop 4×4?


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