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Xiaomi SU7 reaches 20,000 deliveries, targets 100,000 more in the next six months

Xiaomi plans to deliver 120,000 EVs this year.

Norway won’t join EU on Chinese EV tariffs

SAIC is very happy about this.

Smart #5 revealed with massive 638 hp, developed by Geely and Mercedes-Benz

Smart is not a mini car brand anymore.

Nio’s Onvo L60 revealed 455 hp motor power, to be equipped with BYD battery

The key specs of the Onvo L60 electric SUV were revealed in China by the regulator as Nio applied for a sales license. The...

BYD profit in EU is 10x higher than in China and even with new 30% tariffs, still makes 5,000 USD per vehicle, report says

BYD makes a profit of 15,400 USD on BYD Seal U in Europe, compared to 1,400 USD in China. This means BYD makes 14,000...

BYD, CATL to launch battery with 6C fast charging this year, report says

6C means it can be fully charged 6 times in an hour.

EU imposes additional tariffs on Chinese EVs: BYD 17.4%, Geely 20%, SAIC 38.1%

Other BEV producers in China, which cooperated in the investigation would be subject to duty 21%.

China EV registrations in W23: Xiaomi 2,100, Nio 3,500, Tesla 12,00, BYD 52,800

Xiaomi sales were down 5% compared with the week before, Nio was down 50%, Tesla was down 20%, and BYD sales were nearly flat.

Turkey surprisingly impose 40% tariffs on Chinese vehicles from July 7

The minimum additional tariff for each vehicle will be 7,000 USD.

Mercedes-Benz to use autonomous driving technology from Chinese startup in all-electric CLA, sources say

The all-electric CLA will hit the market in April 2025 with autonomous driving capabilities.