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Nio’s Alps first model, codenamed DOM, to start trial production in July

Alps DOM pilot cars are already rolling off the production line in China.

BYD Seal 06 sedan revealed in China

The Seal was supposed to be a sole model, but BYD quitely turned it into a whole new series.

BYD sold 201,493 vehicles in January, 40% down, export at an all-time high

BYD exported record nuber of vehicles - 36,174 in January.

Nio delivered 10,055 EVs in January, down 44% MoM

Nio plans no new models for 2024.

China EV registrations in W4: BYD 43,300, Tesla 12,800, Aito 8,000, Nio 3,300

The whole market was up except Deepal, GAC Aion and VW.

China EV sales in W3 2024: BYD 40,400, Tesla 11,700, Zeekr 2,800, Nio 1,900

The market was mostly up or flat: BYD flat, Tesla 60% up, Zeekr 30% up and Nio 12% up. China's holidays are coming soon.

CarNewsChina launches Spanish version:

Meet the

Zeekr-Waymo robotaxi M-Vision spotted testing in China ahead of US launch

Zeekr CM2E will start mass production later in 2024 and be supplied to Waymo.

China EV sales in W2 2024: BYD 40,300, Tesla 7,400, Nio 1,700, Aito 6,800

BYD was down 9%, Tesla was up 130%, and Nio was down 43% from the week before.

Xiaomi answers 100 questions about SU7 EV and its car-making business [Part 1]

Xiaomi answered 33/100 most frequently asked questions.