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Wuling Air ev, First Global Car from SGMW, Started Pre-Orders in China

First Wuling's car for overseas market has CLTC range 300 km and 68 hp

Nio delivered ATH 14,178 vehicles in November, beating expectations

Nio achieved new record in monthly deliveries

Nio Estimated to Deliver 14,000 EVs in November

Nio had operational issues in Oct (10,059 deliveries), should be fixed now

William Li: Next generation of Nio cars is coming to the US

"We can't let people who learn from us run faster than us," concludes Li.

5 Things You Wanted to Know About Nio’s BaaS in the EU, But Were Afraid to Ask

If you buy battery, you can't use swap stations (BaaS). Also you can't switch from BaaS to battery purchase and vice versa.

Nio released prices for its European lineup. ET5 starts at 49,900 EUR

Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Holland can now buy Nio cars for the first time. Here is all you need to know about prices in each country.

Kjell-Arne Wold, Director HiPhi Europe: Musk was a great mentor, but we will do things differently

"One of the pitfalls of many Chinese brands entering Europe is to have too high expectations too soon. I want to avoid going into...

Meet China-Crunch: A new platform for faster news, more information

Please welcome China-Crunch.com to our family! Before we proceed to what China-Crunch is and what it brings to you, let me tell you a...

Baidu’s Jidu ROBO-01 SUV revealed, equipped with two pop-up lidars

On June 8, Jidu's released its first car concept called ROBO-01. The new car is a crossover SUV and Jidu call it a 'robot...