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Geely-GLEagle GX2 Listed & Priced

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The Geely-GLEagle GX2 is a crossthingy based on the Geely-GLEagle Panda. Two engines: a 1.3 with 86hp and a 1.5 with 102hp. Price starts at 51.800 yuan and ends at 68.500 yuan. Size: 3815x1648x1530, wheelbase 2340. The GX2 is meant for cool 25-35 year olds who like to pretent they go to the mountains somethimes. Some more pics:

Geely-GLEagle GX2

The Chinese name for the subbrand GLEagle is Quanqiu Ying, 全球鹰, meaning Global Eagle/Global Hawk. The character ‘ying’ can mean both eagle and hawk.

For the English name Geely translated ‘ying’ as ‘Eagle’, hence GLEagle, ‘GL’ short for ‘Global’. Confusingly Geely sometimes uses ‘Global Hawk’ in Engslish documentation as well.

Geely-GLEagle GX2

Geely-GLEagle GX2


Geely-GLEagle GX2

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