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A new Volvo from China, but… Wait a Minute!!!

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Well, a Volvo it ain’t. Instead it is a Jiuma JM2805CWX-1 (HD). Let me repeat that: Jiuma JM2805CWX-1 (HD). Jiuma means ‘Nine Horses’. Jiuma is a small automaker from the Shanghai area, established in 1994 and it makes around 50.000 “vehicles of various specifications” a year. Owner of the brand is a company called Shanghai Jinma.

Volvo V50.

This very interesting JM2805CWX-1 (HD) is a hybrid, and not just a hybrid, it is a diesel-hybrid. Power comes from an electric motor with unknown specs and an agricultural tractor-diesel engine with 34kw. Size of the wagon-like vehicle: 4610/1720/1455.

On the second pic the JM2805CWX-1 (HD) in the middle. On the left another Jiuma, the JM2805CWX-1 (CD). The JM2805CWX-1 (CD) is a sort of hatchback and a pure electric. Once again, the specs from the electric motor are unknown.

Jinma-Jiuma started in the car business with a copy of the Volkswagen Santana from the Shanghai-Volkswagen joint venture. Note: this ‘Shanghai’ is short for the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), it has nothing to do with Shanghai-Jinma. On pic the Jiuma JM2805CWX, a wagon which was powered by the same 34kw diesel engine that now serves in the diesel-hybrid JM2805CWX-1 (HD).

The Santana-influence is still visible in the current JM2805CW-1 II, an ‘all round special vehicle’. Special indeed.

Thanks to Erik from ChineseCars.net for the Tip!

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  1. It looks like an old Santana wagon with an old Subaru Forester front end and an 80 Honda Civic hatchback attached to it.
    Except for the diagonal line on the grille, my old Cherokee XJ resembles a Volvo estate more than this piece of joke!

  2. In fact, this is a hybrid of at least 4 cars including the above mentioned Volvo and VW santana. The front of this car is actually from a Kia Cerato First Generation as seen here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kia_Cerato#First_generation_.282003.E2.80.932008.29 and the rear is that of a SAIC VW cross polo: http://chinaautoweb.com/car-models/vw-polo-cross/?pid=3198. This is truly an interesting car, a hybrid of a Volvo esate design and badge and a VW Santana estate bodywork.


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