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First Chery-Quantum Qoros to debut in 2013

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Qoros organizes a little event for the press on Tuesday in Shanghai. They showed an updated version of the hilarious cow-car that debuted in December last year. The black paint has gone but otherwise it seems the same vehicle for 99%.

Chery-Quantum is a joint venture between Chery Auto of China and Quantum LLC from Israel aimed at making ‘luxury cars’ under the Qoros brand-name for the Chinese market and for export to Europe. Their R&D center is in Shanghai. At the event on Tuesday Qoros also said the sedan would be followed by a hatchback, an SUV and something electric. The sedan will officially debut at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2009.

Chery-Quantum Qoros

Chief designer Gert Hildebrand. Look at those funky panels, likely won’t make it to the real thing. The real things has been spotted testing a few times already and its front loox a bit different than the ex-cow car’s:

Chery-Quantum Qoros

Much better indeed, a tad more boring as well. If Qoros would hold its ground and brought that cow-car to the market they would sell nothing; but at least they would go under in a cool way. The first Qoros sedan, the real thing, will be powered by 1.6 and 1.8 liter turbo-engines from Chery.

Via: Huanqiu.

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