Volkswagen to build new factory in China for making DSG-transmissions

Volkswagen DSG China

Volkswagen is in some trouble over its DSG-transmissions in China lately, with Chinese car buyers complaining about faulty boxes and Volkswagen denying there is any problem. The Chinese quality watchdog is currently investigating the case. Volkswagen however is not afraid and has announced it will build a new 927 million euro DSG-factory in the great city of Tianjin.

The factory will have an annual capacity of 1.35 million units and will make two DSG-transmissions: the DQ380 and the DQ500. The fist will mainly be used for the Volkswagen Tiguan, the latter mainly for the Volkswagen Golf and Audi Q3. The Tianjin-factory will start operations in April 2014. Via: 163.

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