Spotted in China: Buick Regal Expo 2010 Edition

Buick Regal Expo 2010 Edition

Here we have a very special car, seen on a peaceful street in Beijing. This is a Buick Regal Expo 2010 Edition, a China-only special to celebrate the Expo 2010 in Shanghai made by the Shanghai-GM joint venture. Special thingies included a badge on the C-pillar, a badge on the dash, a top-spec interior and sure the ‘limited’ thing, Buick made only 2010. There was also an Expo Edition based on the Buick Lacrosse . Most stayed in Shanghai, this is the first one I’ve seen in the capital.

3 thoughts on “Spotted in China: Buick Regal Expo 2010 Edition”

  1. Does anyone know if these were sold new as a retail ‘limited edition’, or were they part of the Expo fleet that were then sold on used, but badged as ‘genuine’ expo cars?

    (Holden did that in Australia with their 2000 Sydney Olympic fleet. Made them seem worth a bit more than just another low mileage used car …)

    1. this was retail. Buick also made some special vehicles for the expo organization, all ‘green’ stuff. Coincidentally I saw one of those today at the Shanghai Auto Museum! i’ll post an article on that one later on. remind me if i forget it…

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