Spotted in China: BMW L7 in Shanghai

Spotted in China: BMW L7 in Shanghai

A very rare BMW L7 stretched limousine seen in the great city of Shanghai. The L7 was made by BMW and based on the E38 BMW 7-series, it was stretched by 25 centimeters in the middle to create more room for passengers in the back.

The L7 was only made from 1997 until 2001, it was available as 740iL (4.4 L V8) and 750iL (5.4 L V12). There are very few examples in China, I know of one in Beijing and there might be a white one somewhere in Guangzhou. Note license plate on the Shanghai-car, 8 is a lucky number in China; with five 8’s, nothing can go wrong…

3 thoughts on “Spotted in China: BMW L7 in Shanghai”

  1. Rear ‘V12L7’ badge is very un-BMW. Maybe a 750iLL seeing as it’s a stretched 750iL – perhaps no badge would be better, the length says it all !

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