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Spotted in China: Toyota Sera

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Spotted in China: Toyota Sera

A very rare car seen by reader Harold D. in the great city of Fuzhou in Fujian Province. This is a Toyota Sera Coupe, made in limited numbers from 1990 until 1996. The Sera was a small and sporty 2+2 sport compact, made only for the Japanese market, and therefore only available with the steering wheel on the right. The Sera was never exported to China, so how this red beauty with Honda alloys(?) ended up in Fuzhou is a mystery.

Spotted in China: Toyota Sera

The Toyota was a very innovative and weird car. Most notable are its butterfly doors which tilt up and forward when opened, and the canopy is constructed largely of glass panels. Power came from a 1.5 liter four-cylinder with 110hp and a screaming 6400rpm. Toyota made only around 16.000 Seraas and they are rare collectibles today, especially in Japan. Well, there is one in China…

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