Spy Shots: Yema S-MPV is a mix of two Mazda’s

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Spy Shots: Yema A-MPV is a mix of two Mazda's

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This is the Yema S-MPV, it will be launched on the Chinese car market later this year. The Yema S-MPV debuted as the Yema A-MPV on the 2012 Chengdu Auto Show. It is a clone of two Mazda’s, which is rather original. Front resembles a Mazda CX-7 SUV and the rest of the car a Mazda 5 MPV. Beat that for cloning! Interior is cloned too, there we go:

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Spy Shots: Yema A-MPV is a mix of two Mazda's

The Mazda CX-5.

Spy Shots: Yema A-MPV is a mix of two Mazda's

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Interestingly Yema will offer four engines in the S-MPV: a 95hp 1.5, a 111hp 1.5, a 111hp 1.6 and a 140hp 1.5 turbo. The need for a separate 1.6 isn’t very clear, the torque numbers are the same too. But this is Yema!, and Yema does the Yema-thing. Size: 4585/1750/1700, wheelbase is 2750.


Check the back. Compare:


Mazda 5. Biggest difference are the doors. Mazda has a sliding door, while the Yema has four conventional doors. Otherwise a near 100% clone, even the rear lights are copied perfectly.


Interestingly Yema posted some ‘design sketches’ of the s-MPV on its website. Pictures show a Photoshopped Mazda 5 with different rear lights. These rear lights are actually not copied, but Yema’s own. Yema decided to go for the copy-version anyway.


A little bit more work went into this one. CX7 nose Photoshopped on 5. Now the best part:


This is a picture from the interior, again from Yema’s website. Note Haima logo on the steering wheel.


Mazda 5. Exactly the same. Yema just changed the logo with Photoshop. The real thing:


The same!, except for some quality issues and the steering wheel. The dash we saw in the Yema A-MPV in Chengdu was actually more original, and came with a big screen and some wood.


Will seat seven. But will Yema ever change?

Via: Autohome, Yema.

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  1. Yes, “Yema does the Yema-thing…” in true wild mustang style. But Mazda is helpless to do any- thing, in a land wanting for rule of law.

  2. Yema is the reason why people don’t take Chinese automakers seriously, because some of these cars are crap, and are so copied that you could say they just bought the car and add their logo on it.

  3. The reason why people in North America and Europe like to hate on Chinese cars is because of this. Yema uses a 30-year-old platform from a defunct manufacturer (Austin), combines it with tacky and copied styling, and tries to sell it as their own cars. Dumbasses. That’s why Chinese cars have a bad image.


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